Top features and Benefits
CuteEditor buttons and menus
Feature Comparison Chart
License Agreement
Installation and Deployment
Deployment CuteEditor for ASP
What's new?
Compliant with the web standards
Support HTML code indentation
Unlimited levels of the undo/redo feature
Use MaxHTMLLength or MaxTextLength to Protect Your Database
Full-Screen editing support
Image insertion and automatic upload
Apply security to control user access to resource
Toolbar Customization
Toolbar Overview
Toolbar Configuration file Structure
How to change the layout of the toolbars?
How to create a custom configuration file?
Add your own custom button
Dropdown Customization
Dropdown Configuration file Structure
CSS Class dropdown Customization
Inline Style Dropdown Customization
Font Name dropdown Customization
Font Size dropdown Customization
Images dropdown Customization
Links dropdown Customization
Paragraph dropdown Customization
Zoom dropdown Customization
Code Snippet dropdown Customization
Context Menu Customization
Context Menu Customization
Add custom items to context menu
Dialog Customization
Choose Dialog System
Dialog Customization
Working with Images
Working with Images overview
Setting up the Image gallery path
Restricting Files by Extensions and Types
Restricting image uploads by size
Wrapping text around images
Adding an image to a page
Adding or adjusting a border around an image
Changing image properties
Working with Flashs
Setting up the Flash gallery path
Restricting flash uploads by size
Adding a flash to a page
Working with Medias
Setting up the Media gallery path
Restricting Media Files by Extensions and Types
Restricting media uploads by size
Adding a movie to a page
Working with Documents
Setting up the Document gallery path
Restricting Document Files by Extensions and Types
Restricting document uploads by size
Insert hyperlinks to document files stored on the web-server
Working with Templates
Setting up the Template gallery path
Adding a template to a page
Add uneditable regions to a Template
Working with URLs
Absolute and Relative Paths
JavaScript API
Extending CuteEditor with its JavaScript API
Retrieves the HTML from Selection
Creates your own HTML Filter
Common Tasks
Common Tasks
Cute Editor Class Reference
Editor Members
Editor Properties
AccessKey Property
ActiveTab Property
AllowEditServerSideCode Property
AllowPasteHtml Property
AutoConfigure Property
AutoParseClasses Property
BackColor Property
BaseHref Property
BorderColor Property
BorderStyle Property
BorderWidth Property
BreakElement Property
BrowserType Property
ClientID Property
CodeViewTemplateItemList Property
ConfigurationPath Property
ContextMenuMode Property
ConvertHTMLTagstoLowercase Property
CustomCulture Property
DisableClassList Property
DisableItemList Property
DOCTYPE Property
DownLevelColumns Property
DownLevelRows Property
EditCompleteDocument Property
EditorBodyStyle Property
EditorBodyId Property
EditorBodyClass Property
EditorOnPaste Property
EditorWysiwygModeCss Property
EmptyAlternateText Property
EnableAntiSpamEmailEncoder Property
EnableBrowserContextMenu Property
EnableClientScript Property
EnableContextMenu Property
EnableDragDrop Property
EnableObjectResizing Property
EnableStripScriptTags Property
FilesPath Property
Focus Property
FullPage Property
Height Property
HelpUrl Property
HyperlinkTarget Property
ID Property
MaintainAspectRatioWhenDraggingImage Property
MaxHTMLLength Property
MaxTextLength Property
PreviewModeCss Property
PrintFullWebPage Property
ReadOnly Property
RemoveTBODYTag Property
RenderRichDropDown Property
ResizeStep Property
ResizeMode Property
SecurityPolicyFile Property
ShowBottomBar Property
ShowCodeViewToolBar Property
ShowDecreaseButton Property
ShowEnlargeButton Property
ShowHtmlMode Property
ShowPreviewMode Property
ShowTagSelector Property
ShowToolBar Property
ShowWordCount Property
SubSequent Property
TabIndex Property
TemplateItemList Property
Text Property
ThemeType Property
ToggleBorder Property
URLType Property
UseFontTags Property
UseHTMLEntities Property
UsePhysicalFormattingTags Property
UseSimpleAmpersand Property
Width Property
XHTML Property
Editor Methods
Editor.GetString Method
Editor.CleanUpHTMLCode Method
Editor.LoadHtml Method
Editor.Draw Method
Editor.SaveFile Method