ZChat is the easy Live Chat solution for your website. Visitors can immediately chat with someone at your company who can answer all their questions, all in real time. ZChat is an on-demand, pay as you go, no contract, cancel anytime software solution.

30-day Risk-free Trial questions

Yes, we offer a free 30 day risk free trial. There is no charge. Put ZChat to the test in your own specific applications.
You need a Windows Server. Please read our system requirements for more information.
No, all features work the same as they do in the full version. The evaluation version using a temp license file which lasts 30 days. Once you place the order, you’ll will receive your own license file.
No, you will simply need to register ZChat with a license key provided to you after purchasing.

No server? Simply signup for the ZChat Cloud. You can add the chat code to your website footer and start testing it within minutes.

YES! We can install for purchaser if you need it. The installation fee is $300. We've helped a lot of customers with installation, we promise we'll never do anything to harm customers' servers. you can monitor every move of us once we access your server and don't have to worry about security.
The ZChat Server must be installed on a Windows server, but the actual websites you want to provide chat on can be on any server you like. You simply need to add the chat code in the webpages.

General Trial ZChat questions

ZChat Enterprise is an on-premises Live Chat Solution. Live chat is a faster and more personal way for you to engage your customers. ZChat Enterprise protects customer data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data-center.
The ZChat Server is written in C# using the ASP.NET Framework 4.0.
Orders are usually processed within 24 hours. If it has been more than 2 days and you still have not received the my license file, please refer to the next question or contact us with your order number, using different email address.
If you are not receiving any response from us, you should check your spam filter or junk mail settings. Please check your recently blocked messages and make sure your spam filter allows email from ZChat.com. It is also possible that the email address provided was invalid or incorrect, in this case you should re-submit your inquiry, or post the question in the support forum.
ZChat interacts with one customer at a time. The Agents may conduct several conversations simultaneously; but individual interactions are not visible to other site visitors.
The visitor chat window is fully customizable for every site you setup. Add your company logo; change the colors, text, size, layout, etc.

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Need ZChat Cloud?

ZChat is offered as a deployable product, that you can install and manage on your own server.
If, however, you favour a hosted chat solution and wish to take advantage of a cloud-based live chat, then we invite you to consider MyLiveChat.
MyLiveChat is built on the same technology as ZChat, but delivered as a hosted solution, with a variety of monthly subscription plans.

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