ASP.NET Web Messenger Cute Web Messenger User's Guide
Getting Started
Signing In
Managing Contacts
Sending and Receiving Instant Messages

Signing In


To use Cute Web Messenger in web sites, you need to register your paticular user name. Registering your nickname creates a profile for you and prevents other users from using that nickname, as the profile is secured by a password that you choose.

If there's a "register" button at the top menu, you can click it to enter registration form.

You will be taken to a screen where you can enter a "user", "password","re-password", "email" or other informations. Be careful that "user","password","re-passowrd" must be filled and "password" should be identical with "re-password". If you input an email address, it should be in the valid format with an "@". After that, please push button "Register".