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Just purchased Cute Web Messenger. Where is my license file?

Orders are usually processed within 24 hours. If it has been more than 2 days and you still have not received the my license file, please refer to the next question or contact us with your order number, using different email address.


You never responded to my message 48 hours ago!

If you are not receiving any response from us, you should check your spam filter or junk mail settings. Please check your recently blocked messages and make sure your spam filter allows email from It is also possible that the email address provided was invalid or incorrect, in this case you should re-submit your inquiry, or post the question in the support forum.


What is Cute Web Messenger?

Cute Web Messenger is a web-based instant messenger written completely in ASP.NET. It runs entirely from the web browser, which means that your site visitors don't need to download any software or plug-ins to use it. You can use it from virtually any computer that can browse the web.

Through Cute Web Messenger’s extremely flexible features, you can customize practically every aspect of the software to integrate with your website and your business needs. Click here for additional information.


Is it possible to try Cute Web Messenger before I buy it?

Yes. Simply click here to download an evaluation version of Cute Web Messenger software now. There is no charge. Put Cute Web Messenger to the test in your own specific applications.


What are the limitations of the Evaluation version?

All features work the same as they do in the full version. The evaluation version using a temp license file which will expire in about 30 dasy. Once you place the order, you’ll will receive your own license file.
Click hereto download your evaluation version today.


Which edition of your chat server software is right for me?

Please check the Licensing Info section.


Can you install the Cute Web Messenger for me?

YES! We can install for purchaser if you need it. The installation fee is $100. We've helped a lot of customers with installation, we promise we'll never do anything to harm customers' servers. you can monitor every move of us once we access your server and don't have to worry about security.


How much can I customize the colors, graphics, buttons, etc?

You have total control over the user interface elements. This includes the layout, look and feel, web site logo, icons, sounds, etc. You can even create your own customized theme to perfectly match your web site.


Is it possible to customize smilies and sounds? Can I add new smilies and avatar icons?

Yes. Full customization is one of the most desirable features of Cute Web Messenger.


Is it possible to configure Cute Web Messenger so that unique user names of my members will be their screen names when they enter the chat room?

Yes. Cute Web Messenger supports seamless integration with any existing membership database. Your registered members will be able to chat using their unique user names with no problem.


Does Cute Web Messenger support Voice/Video chat?

Not in the current version. We will add this feature in the future version.


What is the recommended configuration for end-users running the Cute Web Messenger?

Please check the Requirements section for complete information.


What are the system requirements for Cute Web Messenger server?

Please check the Requirements section.



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